How to Travel Abroad Successfully Without Obtaining a Study Visa

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A Study Visa

A Study Visa is for students who are seeking to carry out a course of their choice in a foreign country for a duration of not less than three months. Anyone with the required tuition fees and chosen courses in hand can simply enroll with an educational institution in the country where he/she wants to pursue the course. Pursuing a study visa is a difficult process. One has to apply for it as early as possible.

It can be done online. A list of such institutes can be seen on

Importance of a Study Visa

According to the Center for Study and International Help, in 2009, the number of students from China seeking study-visa to the USA was 4, Pomona. This was followed by 2, ORT and 1, Middle East. heresy College London, UK, was the next largest submitting institution followed by Macaulay University, Chennai.

The top six destinations are USA, CA, UK, MR, MBA, and undergrad. International students mostly sign up for MBA programs. Continuing your education in Australia is cost-effective as well.

Pursuing a Study Visa

One has to get in touch with the Indiana Student Visa Service, Initiative for Global Immigration Services, Pune or Chennai. These people are responsible for guiding students who are planning to study in a specific country. There are hundreds of sites on the internet alone offering this service, so getting a Study Visa is not a difficult task.

When should one seek a Study Visa?

To get this visa, one has to approach the Institute of International Education’s (IIS) regional offices. The IIS website ishttp://www.studying.or after obtaining the visa, seek the help of the local Institute of International Education staff to clear all the queries of the immigration officer. The best time to seek a visa is during semester hours.

Note that if you are going to be studying in a country where it is a requirement to have a student visa, a Study Visa is a must.

immoral behavior

You should avoid immoral behavior such as begging and soliciting. You are not allowed to seek money from tourists. You are also not allowed to work. If you tell the customs official that you are getting money to travel and have a place to stay, he/she might not believe you and thus refuse you entry.

Prohibited Items

India has certain items that you may not take with you even when you are on a study visa. These items include certain types of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. If caught, you will be denied boarding. If you intend to travel more than 44 days in a tax haven, you should get a student visa before going to the country.

Student Visa Requirements

The student visa application form must be filled in and given to the school where you wish to study. This form can be obtained at the Institute’s local office, or online. The following guidelines should be met in order to get a student visa:

·Schools must be in correspondence with the Australian embassy or consulate.

·If the school is more than 50 km away, you must seek a letter from the Department of Education and Training that indicates your intention to get a student visa.

·For dependants of students, the Department of Education and Training must obtain a certified copy of your visa application form and application fee.

·Online courses will not be accepted.

·Students must be able to provide evidence of their permanent residence, for example, a letter from their employers.

·The student must be able to give the Department of Education and Training at least 24 months of paid employment in the previous 12 months.

·The student should be able to provide complete evidence of immunization against Hepatitis B and against Transmissible Hepatitis.

Supporting Evidence

The student should provide to the concerned Department of Education and Training all evidence reasonably available, which may be direct or indirect. However, the student is not required to give evidence of the sources of his/her financial support.

·Personal Declaration

The student should make a personal declaration before arriving in the country. This declaration should include details of the course and the amount of time engaged in the study.

· evidence of previous academic work in Australia

·rolje certified

Personal Interview

The student should arrange an interview with the concerned School official. This interview could take place earlier if required or at a later stage. However, the student should ensure that the school official is provided with all relevant details of the student including personal details. The interview must cover tuition fees, period of study, the identity of the protector, the reason for non-implementation of Services. etc.

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